Initially, The More Than Tomorrow Project was established with the intention of raising the funds to equip a single rural village in Northern India with computer hardware and associated training, in close connection with an Indian-based non-governmental organization (NGO). After many setbacks and eventual ascendancy, the scope of the organization’s work grew to accommodate a second and third community in India.

In retrospect, while our organization realized some measure of success abroad, it became clear that its initial approach was not scalable. Hardware would often break down, electricity would intermittently fail, trainers would look for more profitable work outside their village, and in an ever-changing technological landscape, communities would need to have their skills constantly upgraded to remain relevant.

With these lessons in mind, The More Than Tomorrow Project decided to focus its limited resources on building upon its modest achievements a bit closer to home. 

About Us

Each year, The More Than Tomorrow Project works to divert at least two tons of electronic waste from New York City’s landfills and provide a minimum of one hundred low-income families with access to quality, repurposed desktop computers. In addition to lessening the burden on New York’s municipal refuse stream, our organization helps to narrow the “digital divide” for the benefit of some of the city’s most vulnerable populations, including at-risk youth, recent immigrants, and the working poor.

Over the past four years, through cost-effective and innovative measures, The More Than Tomorrow Project has successfully reduced or eliminated the financial barrier associated with the purchase of reliable computer hardware for hundreds of New Yorkers. In that time, our organization has also provided scalable networking solutions to several community-based charities.

We are a registered non-profit organization that relies heavily on a team of dedicated volunteers to achieve our annual goals. Further, we use consensus decision-making to guide our actions.