About Us

We are a tax-exempt organization dedicated to diverting electronic waste from New York City’s landfills by refurbishing discarded computer hardware for reuse in communities of need. In addition, we provide Linux-based networking solutions to budget-conscious community groups.

Our Approach

Our organization works with donors looking to dispose of information technology-related hardware in a cost-effective and socially responsible manner.    Reuse, in addition to being an environmentally preferable alternative, can also be of enormous benefit to many of      New York’s digital “have-nots.”

Our Results

Since 2008, The More Than Tomorrow Project has reclaimed over 6 tons of consumer electronics from New York’s municipal waste stream. In that time, we have placed 407 refurbished desktop computers--utilizing free, open source software--with low-income families, individuals and organizations.

Get Involved

If your have a computer you would like to donate or are looking for a computer donation; if your want to learn more about computers or want to share what you know about computers with others; if you fear computers or if you love computers; and especially if you are a computer, you have come to the right place.

The More Than Tomorrow Project

“If it is broke, DO fix it!”