Our Approach

The More Than Project’s system for collecting and distributing computer hardware involves a multi-pronged approach:

  1. We form partnerships with institutional donors by highlighting                               the economic, environmental and social benefits associated with the disposal of electronics through our organization.

  1. We offer free computer repair training to our volunteers who in exchange provide us with much needed labor.  

  1. We collaborate with established non-profit organizations that have an existing relationship with under-resourced neighborhoods and a proven record of measurable outcomes in community-based work.

  1. We conduct a two-day, six-hour “Getting Started” module for computer recipients in either common community space or the facilities of our partner organizations, thereby placing onus on the community/organization to shoulder a portion of the workload.

“Net Gain”

According to The New York City Department of Sanitation, New Yorkers throw away an estimated 25,000 tons of electronic waste every year. That is 50,000,000 pounds of potentially harmful contaminants entering the city’s landfills annually. At the same time, of the 54% of New York City households without a broadband connection (83% of New York City Housing Authority residents and 53% of public library patrons), a lack of computer ownership is the most commonly cited reason for not having home Internet service.

To address each of these issues, The More Than Tomorrow Project has established a simple, replicable model for the collection and refurbishment of electronic devices which have reached their perceived end-of-life. This model is respectful of New York’s shared environment and mindful of our responsibility to other New Yorkers. The result, we believe is a “net-gain” for all concerned: donors looking to ethically dispose of older hardware; volunteers desiring to share (or learn) valuable IT-related skills; and recipients looking for a reliable gateway to the 21st century.